Life Changes 1

Life Changes 1


Life Changes 1 - loss, change and bereavement for children aged 3-11 years old available

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Everyone will experience change and loss throughout their lives, such as a family breakdown or the death of a relative or friend. School communities will have to support children who have faced loss in one of its myriad forms. This resource adopts both a proactive and a reactive approach to loss and change and will enable staff to make an immediate considered response to a loss and change situation, including bereavement.

It is a practical working document with 'tried and tested' practical ideas, including ideas for activities, linked to curriculum areas, and assemblies; poems, letters, writing and artwork; teaching staff, governor, parent/carer training workshop/self awareness session; case studies; and a comprehensive resource list. In addition there is a wealth of background information for teaching staff about aspects of loss, change and bereavement.

The areas covered include:

  • Children’s understanding of loss and grief

  • Children's questions about death and dying

  • Telling sad things and breaking bad news

  • School scenarios for various age groups

  • Participating in funerals and rituals

  • Children’s grief responses

  • Children anticipating a parents and grandparents death

  • Talking about a parent/carer or grandparent who is dying

  • The death of a teacher

  • The dying child

  • The dying sibling

  • Sudden death

  • Using confidential record and assessment charts

  • Death and dying in faith and secular contexts

  • Contact details for religious and secular communities

  • Classroom activities

  • Children’s sayings, stories and poems

  • Assemblies

  • Children and trauma

  • Divorce

  • Suicide

  • The children of prisoners

  • Young carers

  • Refugee children

  • Children of parents/carers in the armed forces

  • Talking to children about disasters

  • Assessments charts

  • Managing a critical incident in school

  • Bereavement Case study: Westbury Leigh CofE Primary School

  • Responding to sad events in school

  • Staff self-awareness workshop

  • Staff curriculum workshop

  • Teachers resources

  • National organisations offering support

  • Websites for schools

  • Picture and story books

Feedback Received:

“Brilliant! It’s so informative!”

Becket Primary School

“Please pass on my thanks to fellow Lions for this quality resource and assure them that it will make a significant contribution to my work with schools on managing loss.”

Associate Advisor, Personal Development and Well Being Team, West Sussex County Council

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