The World of Tobacco

The World of Tobacco


Skills for the Primary School Child Part 6: The World of Tobacco for 5-11

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This resource is a comprehensive programme of smoking education for 5-11 year olds in the UK. It aims to provide children with an opportunity to increase their knowledge and understanding of tobacco related issues, to explore attitudes, feelings and values, and learn practical life skills in relation to cigarettes and tobacco.

‘The World of Tobacco’ contains:

  • 23 lessons including extension activities that encourage the involvement of family and carers

  • photocopiable classroom materials

  • a series of workshop activities for use with the whole school community

  • background papers and information sheets to enable teachers to address this sensitive issue with confidence.

These materials were developed with the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation.

Feedback Received

“It is a vital part of our education programme to prevent young children from smoking. This manual is used with 5 to 11 year olds and has raised the dangers of tobacco abuse and has also offered a very practical yet fun approach in tackling a sensitive area. The sessions have had such an impact on the older children that they are now trying to discourage their parents from smoking and a number of adult residents have asked for their own training sessions to try and combat tobacco addiction.”

Save the Family, Chester

Independent Reviews: Oxfam Development Education (GC Link) Bulletin

For many years educationalists have considered 5-7 year olds are too young to learn about smoking. However, recent research undertaken at John Moores University shows that children as young as five are aware of cigarette smoking, even if their parents do not smoke. This resource, part of the 'Skills for the Primary School Child' series, has been developed to address children's concerns as identified in this research.

This book enables children to increase their knowledge, explore relevant attitudes and values and develop appropriate social skills to enable them to make informed choices. The workshop activities are designed to help teachers, parents and others to develop a whole school approach to smoking education within the life-skills framework.

The full danger of smoking is often not recognised. Over half of all regular smokers eventually die from the habit. In the UK smoking kills more people than traffic accidents, accidental falls, murder, manslaughter, suicide and HIV infection combined! Most regular smokers take up the habit as teenagers. It is therefore essential that young people are given the opportunity to learn about the dangers of smoking and how the tobacco industry targets young people. Information alone is not enough so The World of Tobacco provides teachers with the material to help young people the skills to make informed choices.