Life Matters

Life Matters


A board game for young people aged 13 to 19 years old about life's opportunities, risks and challenges.

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Life Matters has proven to be extremely effective in engaging young people in discussions about a variety of issues around sexual health and sexual behaviour, alcohol, smoking and other drugs.

The pack consists of:

  • 1 dice

  • 6 playing tokens

  • 6 female bodies with 7 body parts

  • 6 male bodies with 7 body parts

  • 55 questions about alcohol, tobacco and other drugs

  • 55 questions about sexual health and sexual behaviour

  • 12 'life' cards

  • 1 Life Matters board

It can be played by up to twelve people and takes about one hour to complete. The winner is the first player to finish with all seven body parts intact! Response to the game has been very positive and indicates that it is an excellent way for young people to learn about important issues relating to their health and wellbeing, including sexual health and behaviour, alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.

The game throws up the unexpected and shows how it takes knowledge and understanding of a wide variety of issues and sound decision making to become a winner. The issues raised will inevitably continue the discussions and inevitably lead to requests to replay the game, since only a fraction of the questions will be raised during any one game.

Feedback Received:

“I thought I would email you to say how we enjoy the Life Matters board game. I have played it with several different groups and all the young people enjoyed it so much that they did not want to put it away. It really is an invaluable resource.”

Headteacher, North Yorkshire

It just so happened that I had a lesson with a very small group this morning and the two games were great. I would love to expand the collection of these games at some point, as the students loved it and it prompted really good discussion around sensible choices particularly to do with sex and drugs. They were able to learn new facts and more importantly consolidate the learning that we do at Priory School, Lewes.

Helen Fines, Life Skills Department, Priory School, Lewes
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