Icebreakers, Warm-Ups, Energisers

Icebreakers, Warm-Ups, Energisers


Icebreakers, Warm Ups, Energisers, Group Dividers & Closing Activities to be used with any age group

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This very popular resource includes several new activities that have been 'tried and tested' by a team of staff and consultant trainers. The activities have been used on both adult training courses and in the classroom and in youth work with children and young people.

The Activities grouped under the following headings:

  • Icebreakers on ‘Pictures speak volumes’ and ‘Bill stickers – Who am I?’

  • Warm-ups on: ‘The mask’ and ‘Pleased to meet you, but tell me…’

  • Energisers on: ‘Group Pummel’ and ‘Leader of the Orchestra’

  • Group Dividers on: ‘There’s something about me’ and Who’s who in the zoo?’

  • Closing Activities on: ‘It’s been good knowing you!’ and ‘Knitting’.

Feedback Received

"I have been using these activities for years - they are brilliant for generating a fantastic group climate.”

Health Promotion Specialist, North Yorkshire

“These are great fun and we have even used them in staff training! The manual is used in our adult training centre at the start of most sessions. We have found them particularly beneficial at the start of formal training sessions because they encourage group participation and the ice-breaker activities build confidence with the participants prior to tackling difficult subjects.”

Adult Training Centre, Northern Ireland